Code of Conduct

The primary purpose of For the Love of Bachata (FTLOB) is for attendees to have fun. To make this happen, FTLOB has established certain rules of conduct. These rules were created to ensure the behavior of any one individual or group of attendees does not disturb the enjoyment of another attendee, nor detract from the relaxed and comfortable atmosphere of the festival.

FTLOB welcomes everyone; however, the festival’s management reserves the right to deny or revoke the attendance of any individual, at any time, for any reason. This action may be undertaken when an individual’s presence or behavior causes significant interference with festival operations or adversely affects the organization’s relationship with its guests or with its venue. FTLOB also reserves the right to amend these rules at any time without prior or posted notice. If you have any questions, please contact the festival operations staff for assistance.



Guidelines for consent

We strive for a strong culture of consent at FTLOB. This means that all actions, on and off the dance floor, should be consensual. This includes asking your partners if they wish to be dipped or picked up, and bigger things like not making unwanted advances on others. This goes for all genders.

Be a role model of consensual behavior:
Don’t make assumptions about what someone else might want.
Ask questions of your dance partners and people in your circle.

For example, ask:
“Dip?” “Lift?”
“Do we have a mutual attraction thing going on?”
“Is it okay if I _________?”

Respect that without question, no means no. 

If someone is interacting with you in a way that you are not comfortable with, use your voice. Say things such as:
I don’t like that.
or put a hand up as a signal to stop

If you are  uncomfortable in a way that is not manageable with words, you have the right to remove yourself from the situation, even if it’s in the middle of the dance. If you experience this level of problem with someone, please report to the staff members so that we can help further. Staff can be found at the DJ booth or at the front desk.

Let’s all be kind and respectful.