The Benefits of Small and Large Festivals

I’ve been thinking about this topic a lot lately, both as an event organizer and an attendee. I never used to put a lot of thought into it, but after hearing two big-time performers start a sentence with “I love small events because….” I got to thinking — what do I like about them? To be simple and concise, I am going to make a browsable list below…

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Big Events

  • Variety of dance genres and music
  • Variety of genre, skill, and skill-level workshops to choose from to suit your personal needs
  • More DJs to listen to
  • Often there are live concerts to enjoy
  • More people to dance with (often you have thousands of people to choose from)
  • People come from all over the country or world for the event
  • More professional dancers to learn from, watch, and TRY to catch for a dance
  • Impersonal — you can blend in with the crowd and do as much or as little as you want easily


Small Events

  • More focused theme for workshops, performances, and general skill learning
  • More of a community feel, as the range of where people travel from is generally smaller
  • More 1 on 1 time with the professionals, meaning asking questions after the workshops and dancing with them at the socials.
  • The professionals are there to get to know the people, so they hang out more and are willing to chill and have real conversations with the participants at the events.
  • The professionals use the time they have to dance with the people to guide their instruction in workshops and give tips tailored to the dance needs they see present.
  • More personal experience — people notice you, check in on you, ask your opinion (and good event coordinators use your feedback to improve the event for next time).
  • You get to know more dancers easier at small festivals, as you can catch them for a few dances instead of just one or (if you’re lucky) two.


Either type of event you go to, you are very likely to have a good time! There are just benefits to each. Personally, I’m a big fan of variety because it keeps my skills and experiences very well-rounded. I enjoy filling my dance schedule with events both big and small.

Regardless of which you attend, keep in mind that buying a pass to the event will support the event coordinator’s cause. If you like what someone is doing, remember to support them with your wallet and not just verbal praise, as these things are expensive regardless of the size! Buying your pass early also puts money in the pocket of the event organizer earlier, which allows them to pay for things ahead of time and decide if they will have enough money to add on more things for you.