...all things that made this a must attend event.

Thank you for giving me such a unique bachata experience in Pittsburgh. Who needs Bachatu or the DC Bachata Congress? The history, the workshops, the intimacy with a smaller group - all things that made this a must attend event.


You've really dug deep into the fabric of bachata

In all honesty I like how you've really dug deep into the fabric of bachata and did something other than take from it. You are giving back and that's awesome. Keep going.

Lorenzo H.

A Good Thing for the Pittsburgh Dance Community

For the Love of Bachata organizes wonderful events that expand the Pittsburgh dancer's mind in understanding and embracing the many facets of bachata. I have very much enjoyed the guest instructors, socials, and outdoor events that attract attendance from across the country. This organization has been a good thing for the Pittsburgh dance community! Thank you for all of your hard work Jessica!


You Can Feel The Love

When you attend a For The Love of Bachata event you can feel the love and dedication that goes into planning these events. Pittsburgh has benefited from Jessica's hard work and dedication to sharing her love for Bachata with the rest of us. Every event is special in its own way! Such unique locations and venues around the city make each one an event to remember! Thank you Jessica for sharing your true passion with all of Pittsburgh! Together we are all better!


Whether novice or advanced fun comes in many forms

Between the countless workshops covering bachata in all forms, salsa on2, etc and excellent socials Jessica has provided dancers of all levels the opportunity to expand their skills as well as increase the dance community in an extremely positive way. I am always looking forward to the next event and instructor that she provides!

Stanton Kochanek

The Love is contagious

Blood sweat and tears go into everything For The Love of Bachata does and it shows through the followers because The Love is contagious. We bleed with passion for the dance & community. We sweat as we are inspired to diversify our skills and music collection with great recommendations and challenging guest instructors. We cry for joy when a new and out of the box activity is sponsored or created by FTLOB. ...Jessica, you're an inspiration to many as you not only share and encourage the bachata life, but live it and keep an ever present fresh perspective as you educate and promote.

"Pittsburgh is lucky to have you..."

We had a blast in Pittsburgh. Thanks for inviting us! And kudos to you for all you do to advance the Latin dance scene in your community. You invest so much of yourself into researching artists (often traveling to other cities to see for yourself the quality of teaching), coordinating and promoting events for dancers. Pittsburgh is lucky to have you keeping the passion for dancing and learning very alive!


"...elegant, well-prepared, feature dance performances, and fun!"

The outside events I've come to are elegant, well prepared, feature dance performances and fun! Lots of people come to them and the dancing is great. The outdoor atmosphere is always a welcome change!


"...friends come in from so many different places to attend."

I couldn't be happier for you. The events have been awesome and it's so nice seeing our friends come in from so many different places to attend. You followed your passion and look at the wonderful results. I can't wait for dancing at The Point and the Fall Festival. So. Much fun. XOXO


"...extremely beneficial for our dance community."

I think that For the Love of Bachata has been extremely beneficial for our dance community. The music from the page is awesome and I think has inspired people to both play more bachata and play different bachata's. The events themselves are just always a blast. They're in creative places, people from out of state come in to dance, they have great instructors, and still they're affordable. I definitely recommend that people check them out.


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