Stepping Up

I do not enjoy being in the spotlight for too long, and when I began For the Love of Bachata, I did so out of a passion for the music and dance, not because I wanted to be a promoter. Had bachata not needed an advocate in Pittsburgh, I actually never EVER would have stepped into the position I am today. Because of that apprehension I felt, I hid behind the word “we” in all my posts as a way to accomplish my goals without having to expose myself. However, along the way, I guess it became confusing to the public who was the mystery person behind the FTLOB curtain. I know in the past 2 years people have thought my company was a subdivision of another dance group, have wondered who was my team accomplishing everything, and in some cases, had no idea who was running the events. I didn’t intend to make it so confusing, but I also wasn’t promoting myself in a way that answered those questions.

Upon the persistent suggestions of a few of my peers in the bachata world, today I am bravely and proudly stepping up as the face of my own company. As one of these peers said to me — “Better late than never!” Though I have been fortunate enough to have the support of many friends and allies in Pittsburgh and beyond, I have ALWAYS been the sole organizer behind For the Love of Bachata. The ideas, the leg work, the money invested, and the losses, financial and otherwise, have been all my own since the inception of FTLOB on February 4th, 2012. It’s been an incredible amount of work, especially with a full-time career and earning my master’s degree along the way. I am unspeakably grateful for those who have supported me in smaller ways, such as lugging equipment to and from my car or cleaning up after an event, giving me pep talks when my spirits were low, promoting FTLOB at their events, and so much more. I hope you all know who you are. Your support has kept me going during times when I thought, “I have a career, I don’t need this stress” and I’m sure it will get me through more of those times in the future!

The page that I’ve added to this website, “About the Founder,”¬†¬†marks this big change in my attitude about my role in my company. Though it doesn’t say much about myself (we have to accept my baby steps here as progress, haha!), it represents a change in direction — an evolution of myself.

With that, I just want to thank you all again for your role in growing bachata from the dance you could do 3-4 times a night (if you were lucky) to what we see today in Pittsburgh. I’ll see you on the dance floor soon — save me one!

All my love,
Jessica Taylor
Owner, Love of Bachata LLC
(A.K.A. For the Love of Bachata)