Fresh to Death or Just Death?: The Power of Smell on the Dance Floor

The way you smell will either make or break you on the dance floor.  Smell good and you will get pulled in closer, your dance will feel more magical, and you will have more dances throughout the night.  Smell of B.O. or foul breath and you will be kept at a distance, your partner will have his/her face turned away to avoid the smell of your breath, and you will not be asked for another dance.  Yes, your smell, and your smell alone can decide the fate of your dancing night.  But it won’t only affect your night — it will affect the way people perceive you for a very long time.  One research article indicates that people who experience disgust make harsh moral judgments of the offender (Citation:  You don’t want to be the instant creeper or shady person just because you skipped the deodorant one night! As the blog Psych Your Mind points out, smell is also an important player in the game of attraction.   Whether you call it pheromones or just good hygiene, there is an undeniable link between smell and attraction, and that is a powerful tool in finding either a dance partner or a romantic partner!

This issue is so important to people that it was, in fact, REQUESTED that I write this blog to everyone about their hygiene — and it was hinted that women should worry about this topic just as much as the men. So to help us all out, I have compiled this list of tips to stay fresh to death (and not just like death) for everyone:

1. Deodorant:  Deodorant is the first line of defense. Use it, or lose out on dances. If you sweat a lot or have body parts that are particularly tight in clothes and/or rub up against each other, consider using your deodorant in those areas. I don’t sweat much personally, but I will throw deodorant underneath the band of my bra to prevent sweating there sometimes. Better safe than sorry, I always say!

2. Breath:  Brush your teeth before going out. If this is not possible, carry gum, mints, a travel tooth brush, and/or tooth-paste coated floss. All of these things will help reduce mouth odor so you are delectable enough to hold close in a bachata. Staying hydrated (hint: water!) will also help your mouth stay as fresh as possible.

3. Fragrance Before Going Out: Spray your clothes with body spray or cologne, as well as your hair. The fragrance is more likely to stay in fabric and hair rather than on your skin. Putting cologne or perfume on your pressure points will also help release the odor as your body heats up. (But please refrain from using Sex Panther. That **** stings the nostrils and gets WORSE as your body heats up!)

4. Fragrance On-The-Go: Carry your fragrance with you to the club. Reapply every now and then to stay aromatic. It’s pretty easy to find a travel size of your favorite fragrance and to pack it in your shoe bag.

5. Extra Clothes: If you are particularly sweaty (most men), carry a 2nd shirt with you to change into when you get too soaked OR  dress in layers. I know that sounds like torture in a hot club, but think about it this way: Even if your under layers get soaked, you will be dry on top. Reapplying the fragrance, as in step 4, will prevent your top layer from getting stinky. Hear Juan Calderon from Jersey talk to this same point here. Fast forward to 0:55 to hear his spiel.


3 thoughts on “Fresh to Death or Just Death?: The Power of Smell on the Dance Floor

  1. Dave says:

    All this and maybe you want to select some nice looking athletic clothes made of technical fabric that breath well for a hard night of dance. These are very good for staying dry and better than cotton which tends to hold on to moisture. Some of the nicer golf shirts made with technical fabrics and light runners shirts can be colorful and good for casual dancing. I’ve also found that thin tissue silk shirts work well, look fancy, and tend to stay dry.
    I also quickly skipped wearing cotton jeans for summer weight silk or wool pants that look classy but also breath well. The clue to finding these is to hold a layer of fabric up to the ceiling lights and see if the outline of the light is clearly visible through the fabric, if so the fabric will breath well. Skip your cotton underwear and select it on the same basis!
    Guys can find black high top athletic socks that are firmly knitted and not fluffy. These will provide the best cushioning for those long nights on the dance floor.

    • Geoff says:

      Although men should be careful and choose their shirts appropriately – be careful of athletic clothes. Early design “wicking” shirts push all the gross stuff away from your skin, but closer to your partner! They can vastly increase your stink factor!

      Anti-microbial shirts exist (treated with silver), but argument exists about how well they work and whether that silver washes out awfully early in the life-time of the shirt/sock/clothes.

      This is one reason I tend to stick with cotton and silk – I may be damp (ok, yes, I am damp), but at least I’m not smelly….

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