For the Love of Bachata Fall Festival 2018 – September 28th-30th

Presenting 2 days of workshops by Areíto Arts and the dynamic duo DimaLiza!



Friday Kick-Off @ Cabaret Theater, downtown
DJ Tay & DJ Jeff Shirey
10pm-1:30am social dancing
21 & up
$5 cover (separate from full pass – sorry!)

Address:  655 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh PA 15222

Saturday Party @ Art & Style Ballroom
DJ Tay & DJ Jeff Shirey
10pm-2am social dancing
$10 cover  (included for full-pass holders)
18 & up
Available for sale: water, Gatorade, & soda only
BYOB responsibly
Address: 318 Butler St. Pittsburgh PA 15223



Saturday & Sunday @ Art & Style Ballroom,
318 Butler St., Pittsburgh PA 15223


11:00am-12:00pm: Bolero: Advanced Figures and Phrasing (Areíto Arts)
12:15-1:15pm: Bachata: Shapes, Figures, and Timing (Areíto Arts)
1:15-1:45pm:  Lunch  Bring your own or purchase the add-on for $6/day with your full pass.          1:45-2:45pm: Lead & Follow (Dima & Liza) This workshop will focus on cultivating your frame, hand connection, flow, and overall partner connection.
3:00-4:00pm: Social Dance Guided Practice (ALL)


11:00am-12:00pm: Body Movement for Men and Women (Dima & Liza) Breaking down the Caribbean swing piece by piece.
12:15-1:15pm: Merengue: Pambiche vs. Típico (Areíto Arts)
1:15-1:45pm:  Lunch  Bring your own or purchase the add-on for $6/day with your full pass.          1:45-2:45pm: The Art of Vueltas (Dima & Liza) This workshop will present different turn variations, focusing on playfulness and personal style development.
3:00-4:00pm: Island Energies (ALL) Learn to express the different stages of the song focusing on transitions and musicality. 


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The festival includes a 30-minute lunch break each day of the festival. Lunch is an optional add-on with your pass and costs $12 for both days. You will be given a lunch ticket for each day at registration, which you can use to get your lunch.
Food options will include turkey & cheese or ham & cheese croissant sandwiches, fruit & nut bars, carrots & hummus, veggies, fruits, and other snacks. 
Feel free to bring your own lunch instead! There is no obligation to participate. This is just a convenience to make your weekend run a little smoother.  
Lunch can also be ordered from E-Town Bar & Grill, just 1/2 a block from the studio. You should call in your order ahead of time so it can be ready for you at the start of lunch. Call: (412) 784-1720


A good quality hotel is the Comfort Inn on Gamma Drive. It is close, while still avoiding potential city traffic. The price is always reasonable and the rooms are clean. –>

Neighborhoods to check out for AirBnB:
Etna, Aspinwall, Lawrenceville, Morningside, Bloomfield, Shaler, Northside, Millvale





Our code of conduct applies at all For the Love of Bachata events. If you feel you cannot comply, please do not attend. If your conduct violates the code and your presence or behaviors are adversely affecting the event, you will be removed and you will receive either a full or partial refund depending on the situation. 
For more information, please visit: