8 Months & Growing!

About 8 months ago (October 4th is our 8 month birthday!) this page was started to promote bachata without having any real direction for ourselves. We’ve (inadvertently) come a long way! Let’s see what we’ve gotten done in that time….

  • Gotten over 300 likes on FB! (Almost 400 actually!)
  • Shared new and old music to people and opened their eyes (and ears) to the very diverse world of music that is bachata.
  • Shared events around the country (and internationally!) for our members.
  • Introduced popular performers and instructors, as well as their work, with our community of bachateros.
  • Created some funny memes to share with other bachata-loving friends.
  • Met new friends and brought people together with a common love.
  • Encouraged (and wheedled) people to attend the DC Bachata Congress (aka heaven) in August. Over FIFTY people from Pittsburgh were there – that about 35 more than last year!
  • Started hosting events in our hometown of Pittsburgh, PA!
    • June 22 – FTLOB Invades Mt. Washington – approx.. 110 attendees
    • July 13 – FTLOB invades the Point – approx. 130 attendees
    • August 24 – FTLOB Invades South Side Works – approx. 150 attendees
  • And we started invading other people’s events, like….
    • September 13 – FTLOB hour at Taverna 19! We took over the DJ booth and spun ONLY bachata!
    • September 21 – FTLOB after party at Absolute Ballroom for the Salsa Clasica Weekend with Magna Gopal
  • Contributed to the building of the bachata community in Pittsburgh so that a bachata night, hosted by another promoter, could be successful. Thanks to the growth we’ve seen in our community since last February, we now have Bachata Thursdays at Perle, hosted by Bobby D!

AND WE’RE NOT DONE!!  What’s coming up?

For the first time we are bringing an instructor from out of town to you! Help celebrate bachata and cha cha in our For the Love of Boo-chata Mini-Bachata Festival. Yes, that means you don’t have to spend a lot of money (the full pass is only $45 right now!) and you don’t have to clear your schedule for an entire weekend!

Whether you want to work on your technique, your styling, or just add some cool stuff to your dancing, DC instructor David “El Guerito” Norton has something for you! He’ll be teaching group workshops during the day as well as one before the social dance in the evening. If you want more info, click here.

For other events coming up (like dancing outside at Chili with the Works), make sure to check out our events page.

And we’re surveying people to see if they would be interested in bringing a bachata team here to train us for performing! Send us an email at fortheloveofbachata@gmail.com if you would like to be a part of this exciting opportunity!